Kyle Yaege

Matters willing to neutral

  • Mediation
  • Law & Motion/Discovery Dispute

Areas of Practice

Real Estate: My litigation practice involves the following types of disputes relating to real estate: (1) commercial and residential unlawful detainer, (2) title, partition, and easements, (3) common interest development/HOA governance and enforcement actions, (4) construction contracts, mechanics liens, and defects, (5) property purchase & sale disputes, and real estate professional fiduciary liability, and (6) judicial and non-judicial foreclosure.

Business: My litigation practice involves the following types of disputes: (1) corporate governance and control, (2) business purchase and sale transactions, (3) business to business contract disputes, (4) debt and equity financing including exempt securities offerings, (5) secured transactions enforcement (6) trade secret, and (7) employee compensation, safety, and anti-discrimination disputes.


San Diego, California

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