RESOLVE Law San Diego encourages all parties to work together to resolve their case. There are 4 options listed on this Website that are intended to help facilitate the settlement process. These include mediating your case with an existing Professional Private Mediator, using the Superior Court Mediation Program, using the San Diego County Family Law Bar Association ADR panel, or using RESOLVE Law San Diego’s pro bono program.

1. Professional Private Mediators

San Diego has many excellent private mediation programs.

These are professional Mediators who can advise you about their fees and availability.

2. San Diego Superior Court Mediation program

The San Diego Superior Court offers a list of pre-approved mediators who agree to charge a reduced hourly rate for the first two hours of mediation.

Mediators on the court’s panel have agreed to charge $150 per hour for each of the first two (2) hours in a limited civil action and $250 per hour for each of the first two (2) hours of mediation in an unlimited civil action, and their regular hourly rate thereafter for court-referred mediations.  Under this program, parties compensate the mediators directly, and mediations are conducted at the mediator's office unless other arrangements are made with agreement of all parties in the case.  To search for and select mediators:

3. San Diego Family Law Bar Association ADR Panel

The San Diego Family Law Bar Association provides Certified Family Law specialists who agree to mediate Family law cases at a reduced fee of $300 per hour for the first 3 hours.  Please see this link to connect to these panelists:

4. Resolve Law San Diego’s Pro-Bono panel

RESOLVE Law San Diego is offering the services of Professional Mediators and Experienced Lawyers who have volunteered to mediate cases for free.  Our volunteer Neutrals are available for a limited time over the next 4 months and will mediate your case via Zoom or via phone conference.  Mediation will be limited to a two-hour session. Briefs are limited to 5 pages and 10 pages of exhibits.  The Resolve Law San Diego mediation program is intended for all types of civil cases.

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