How RLSD Works

Thank you for agreeing to volunteer your time to RESOLVE Law San Diego. Below please find a brief outline of how the program will work.

  • Depending upon what the NEUTRAL has volunteered for (mediation or law & motion/discovery) the NEUTRAL’s name will appear under the FIND A NEUTRAL section of this website.
  • Once the NEUTRAL is selected by the parties the NEUTRAL will be contacted by RESOLVE Law San Diego administrator and will be provided the JOINT PARTY AGREEMENT filled out by the parties. The NEUTRAL is required to perform a conflict check (See How to Conduct a Conflict Check). Please note that RESOLVE Law San Diego is not requiring neutrals to send out disclosure forms.
  • The NEUTRAL will respond to RESOLVE Law San Diego administrator and advise whether she/he has any conflicts and of acceptance of the matter.
  • Once the NEUTRAL has accepted the matter, she/he will contact the parties to discuss scheduling of the matter. Scheduling will be at the NEUTRAL’s discretion, but it is encouraged to hear matters as soon as possible.
  • Once the NEUTRAL has reached the maximum number of volunteer hours he/she committed to per month, *Unavailable until _____ (insert month)*  will appear next to the NEUTRAL’s name on the FIND A NEUTRAL section of the website. The NEUTRAL may contact the RESOLVE Law San Diego administrator to volunteer for more hours in any given month. 
  • All hearings will be conducted via Zoom or via telephonic appearance. The NEUTRAL will be responsible for serving as the host for the hearing.
  • Mediations will be limited to 2 hours and all other hearings are limited to 1 hour. The NEUTRAL may set the briefing scheduled however, RESOLVE Law has recommended mediation briefs be exchanged 2 business days before the mediation and all law and motion briefs be exchanged simultaneously 3 business days before the hearing. Briefs are limited to 5 pages and 10 pages of exhibits. It is the NEUTRAL’s discretion to extend the page limit or disregard any documents submitted which exceed these limits.
  • For mediations, ALL parties will be required to sign the Confidentiality Acknowledgement & Agreement which can be found under the FORMS tab on this website.
  • For all law and motion/discovery dispute hearings the NEUTRAL must issue a written decision within 5 business days. The decision must be served on all parties via email.
  • For all Law & Motion/discovery disputes the parties will be responsible for proving the NEUTRAL a stipulation for either a binding or non-binding Decision. This must be provided before the hearing. (See STIPULATIONS under the forms section of this web site).
  • Following the mediation or hearing the NEUTRAL will coordinate with the parties who will be responsible for reporting back to RESOLVE Law San Diego using the CASE DISPOSITION form which can be found under the FORMS section of this website.
  • Should the matter not resolve within the scheduled time, the NEUTRAL has discretion to volunteer additional time or end the hearing. The Neutral may not charge for any additional time.
  • If the parties submit briefing that exceeds the limits set forth herein the NEUTRAL has discretion to disregard the additional pages, ask the parties to resubmit briefing that complies with the page limits, or alternatively contact the RLSD committee and discuss moving forward. We respect and appreciate your time and have asked that the parties do the same.